Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Time For Change

For years now I have watched the character of young people dwindle. Now I always try to look back into time and ponder whether or not it was this bad when I grew up. Many will say yes but I strongly oppose. If that was the case then one would believe that there is no change in sight. So here we are, struggling with the problem of how to help a generation find purpose. A generation who knows war as the norm. A generation that will reflect on The Flava of Love, I love New York and College Hill as quality television. Have Flava Flav and Tiffany Pollard become the Millennium Bill and Claire Huxtable? Is promiscuity, artificial body parts, the selling of your body, image and soul for 15 seconds of fame what drives our children? Sadly the answer may be yes. With parents having to work, work more than ever, no one is home with the children. No one is home to make sure homework is done, babies are raising babies and I won't even deal with the effects of the garbage food we put into our bodies all to save time. A generation where texting has all but made interpersonal communication obsolete. Where one's life can be ruined by simply losing a cell phone. I know the claims sound dismal but I declare today that there is an opportunity for change. There is an opportunity to save our children from a lifetime of misery and selflessness . The question is where do we begin? I will share one starting point, we begin by sharing our stories, we must instill in their minds that as Mark Twain said, "Only in the dictionary does success come before work." We must begin with instilling a work ethic in our children.
They must understand that in order to get something you must earn it. Remember how good it felt when you earned your first pay check. Nobody could tell you nothing, I challenge us all to share a story about work with a child we encounter. The Time for CHANGE is here!