Monday, August 24, 2009

The Daddy Diary

Well it has been a little over two weeks now and yes I am a father. A few people have asked me why haven't I written daily about this new experience and I thought for a while and said to myself, " That would be a great book one day." So I will journal everyday about my experience as a father of a beautiful little girl from her 1 month old mark to keep it current an in order.

Now to get it all out their, I was taken a back when the doctor informed me that we had a girl. Very quickly my life flashed before my eyes. I saw the faces of every girl I tormented throughout my life in my head. One thought was to send out a public announcement apologizing to them all. Another was to go on Maury and apologize to them all nationwide. Now, your boy BIGZ was no male gigolo nor was I abusive or anything like that but ladies anything you hated for us boys to do I did. Lets just say I liked you all, lol. I can confess that I have liked the female species since birth. Now, with that all my friends kept saying was, your gonna pay for this one day your going to have a daughter and she is going to endure everything you dished out. God I pray that doesn't happen.

So I have a little girl and my boy calls me Day 1 and welcomes me to the "Real Men Have Girls Organization" I accepted my membership and rightfully so, I am a real man and I will be raising a girl. I though for a while and told my wife, some guy down the line will have a tough act to follow. Many of you who know me know I have an issue with the young women of today. I feel that too many of them have no self worth, pride and have very low expectations of their men. Some feel that dressing provocatively, sleeping around, dancing like a stripper at a party, being foul mouthed, wearing tons of make-up and being used by men is attractive and it is this type of woman I do not wish to raise. I told my daughter while she was minutes old that I would always be there for her, I would protect her, provide for her, listen to her and much more, more over I will be an example of what a real man should be so when she is of age (40) she will know what she should be looking for in a man.

As it is I begin now with the development of a future woman, a force to be reckoned with. A woman with Purpose, Pride, Inner Beauty, Intelligence, A solid foundation and the will to learn all she can. A woman that will be independent yet humble when she needs to be, a creative woman, a vocal woman, a serious and playful woman. Most of all i will raise a woman of distinction and one who will be respected! C.J. is here and she is Jamal T. Johnson's daughter, step your game up or she will run you over! More to come, stay tuned September 7th The Daddy Diary Project (C.J. and Me) is Launched!!

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